If you weren’t following what an epic fail Progressives were subjected to yesterday by Senator Reid, regarding – once again – allowing Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to determine what gets voted on in this new Senate, then just watch this Maddow segment on it.

3 Strikes and Out, Senator. Anyone – particularly veteran legislators in DC – knew the GOP was going to stonewall all things Obama from day one in 2009. You did nothing when you had the chance to pass rule changes on the first day of that Senate. Then they filibustered Obama for 2 years. Golly.

Then you handshook with McConnell in January 2011, beginning the next Senate. He won’t do it again – promise. How long have you been in DC sir?

Then, you vowed to Progressives that this January – you’d finally change the filibuster rules. We understood that you were only going to make the GOP stand in the well of the Senate to sustain it’s filibusters, whereas we wanted the maneuver abolished.

Then you reneged, and nothing got fixed yesterday. Resign as Majority Leader Mr. Reid.


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