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Following on my remarks yesterday about how Obama fared at the presidential debate on Wednesday, I have a lot of miscellaneous points to make about his presentation in that debate and what to gear up for in the next one / a Town Hall format on October 16.

– Obama had too much “we agree” early in the debate. It gave Romney equivalence. Don’t do that.

– Don’t call Mitt “Governor” – again, validates him. Use “Mr. Romney”, and let the media ding you as “disrespectful”. It’s a minor hit, worth it to avoid handing any legitimacy to Mitt Romney. He is Bernie Madoff.

– Jim Lehrer – as I cautioned on Wednesday – sucks. When he lets Mitt dominate the verbiage and not cut him off, Obama needs to step in and break it up with an (isolated) interruption. He did so late, but waited too long to go to it.

– Obama said a couple of times what he “wants to do” in a second term. Don’t frame it that way. It’s what you “will do” in your second term. You’re not the challenger.

– Obama needs to trumpet the universal coverage aspect of Obamacare,
not gloss over it. It’s 32 million covered who have been shafted by Romney’s “private market” for decades – and that also means it protects anyone now covered, who loses that coverage in a job loss. Americans will hear that if you say it. Don’t discard that chip. Progressives want him on the mat for it, period.

– The C-Span feed was split screen all night, and as I understand it all networks show the same pool feed. You have to realize that you are getting all those air minutes for your reactions. Obama needs to shake his head much more at Romney lies – which of course were on steroids Wednesday night. You know going in that Romney is going to be a lying machine. Object to it every minute.

– A big reason Romney may not have played so well to America – Media Inc declarations nothwithstanding: In that split screen config, Mitt had an ungodly smug smile on his face that did not change throughout the Obama answer segments. It was robotic, false and only likeable to RWNJ’s.

Now What

Obama must now be aggressive at the Town Hall, without turning into Al Gore. Al let the 2000 race become close enough for Bush to steal, by being all over the lot with his personality over 3 debates. Too aggressive, then too passive, then balanced for the last one. The media excoriated the Jeckyl/Hyde effect.

You can’t do that. Just don’t let Mitt run over you again with the prosecutorial style & charlatan’s substance. Refute with vigor, every bleeping falsehood he tries to put over.

Someone I don’t specifically recall on MSNBC yesterday, made that point in a good way: You have to show America you are willing to fight for the job, demonstrate that you really want it. That’s it.


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