What is this site?

I built Balkingpoints.com in 2009 as a World Citizen Forum site. If you scroll down the Guestbook remarks you’ll see it’s received a fair amount of response, from many parts of the world. For about 3 years a “Balkers” section was up with posts from various blog writers, and at times good comments reaction on them.

I still believe that in future decades the world forum concept will take hold as a prominent genre on the WWW. As a medium the Internet amounts to a quantum socio-political shift, not seen since the advent of the printing press. It facilitates billions of people to connect across borders without gatekeepers like corporate media & government. Ramifications thereof: nearly unlimited, mostly yet unfolded, but on balance sharply positive. An inexorable catalyst for transformation from less-just to more-just society, exactly as the printing press was.

The initial blueprint was for site promos I was conducting in those years, to give way to a more “viral” propulsion that might take the site massive. My own efforts either haven’t been enough to touch that off, or it’s possibly a thing ahead of it’s time. Something like that… :)

I will entertain serious offers for the domain. Reach me if you fit that bill.

– Roy Greenfield


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Balkingpoints.com – Global Maxims

Cultures of the world are more different than alike,
but people of the world are more alike than different.

In past generations, leaders of nations waged war over competing economic interests.
In future generations, citizens of nations may make peace over common economic interests.

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